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Top Rated Impact Wrench Brands


There are lots of impact wrench brands around, and most specialize in diverse areas. For instance, you can find an impact wrench for automotive work that may not be the best option for industrial applications. Fortunately, there are impact wrench brands that have manufactured multi-functional or multi-purpose wrenches that can handle diverse jobs in different fields and still achieve the same success. The following brands are regarded as the top impact wrench manufacturers in the world today.

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Milwaukee Electric


This is arguably the number one impact wrench brand in the world. It is known for its manufacture of heavy-duty impact wrenches with a Torque rating of more than 3,000 RPM. The devices often come with brushless motors considered to be much more powerful than regular motors. The M18 Fuel impact wrench is one of the most prominent options here. It comes with 1,400 ft-lb Torque and two 5Ah batteries. With 18 Volts power plus drive size of ½”, this wrench can deliver the highest torque and speed to loosen the most difficult bolt.


DeWalt Extreme Brand

When it comes to high impact wrenches manufacturing, the Dewalt impact wrench brand competes favorably with the best. The brand is known for making wrenches that can handle smaller and bigger jobs. The smaller impact wrenches like DeWalt Xtreme 12V MAX Impact Wrench are known to reach smaller places that other impact wrenches can’t handle. It comes with a Torque speed of 2,850 RPM plus 12Volts power rating. This device also comes with a drive size of 3/8” which is very small to reach smaller jobs. It operates on 200ft-lb torque and works on two 2Ah batteries. It quickly reduces speed when nuts or bolts are free or loosened.

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Bosch manufacturer has remained a very popular tool maker for decades and its standards remain unchanged even for their impact wrench tools. It also provides heavy-duty high impact wrenches with higher speed and power. Bosch brands of impact wrenches are more versatile for different jobs in a wide variety of industries. BOSCH GDX18V-1800CB15 Freak is one of the top best cordless impact wrenches you should consider right now because of its numerous desirable features. It comes with a 150-ft-lb torque and weighs just 3.5 lbs. in weight, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

The BOSCH GDX18V-1800CB15 Freak comes with a drive size of ½” and it is powered by a 4Ah battery that delivers up to 3,400 RPM speed. With a brushless motor that delivers up to 18 Volts of power, you can get your job done as quickly as possible.

There are several other impact wrench brands you may want to consider, these include; The Porter-cable, Metabo brand, Makita brand, Ingersoll, and Craftsman. Unfortunately, not all brands provide universal or complete impact wrench for all jobs, you need to look for the specific impact wrench that is most suitable for your work. The Best Power Tools Guide on this platform will give you more comprehensive information on a specific product.




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